Être bon

The surrealist work of Achille Chavée, which finds its meaning 60 years later.



What a beautiful message to the world this one.

“Etre bon” or the story of a bulky elephant who settles with a poet. A fable written in 1957 but so current in this period of great migratory flows and the rise of populism. A work that the great ones of this world – or should we say the “little ones” – should have permanently on their bedside table. Here it is the first work published by Tramway19. A book beautifully illustrated by Pascal Lemaître available on www.etrebon.be and soon in all the good bookshops of the kingdom. To read, reread and offer to children and adults to bring back a little humanity on this planet that needs it.

The book

Maxi-Liens of the “Réseau Être Bon”

And because we think at Tramway21 that the resistance must also go through acts, the profits from the sale of this book will be entirely donated to Maxi-Liens of the “Réseau Être Bon”.